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From The Trenches to The Top

"Growth and evolving as an artist" are the two things that the L.A. native FnGHaze says keep driving him to deliver new music for his core following. The 31 year old says he's putting the final touches on his forthcoming project "Spill On Um 3". He says a lot has happened in his life in the time between he released his last project titled "Spill On Um 2" and after a listen to some of his new records that fact is evident. Check out his new single "Snakes" Produced by TT Beats with Visuals Directed by Betty Bema.


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Music Tells A Story

From the heart of LA in the Crenshaw District FnGHaze is one of the most formidable artists of this era. With an ear for undeniable beats, a range of rhyme styles and unparalleled confidence this LA native is here for his spot.


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